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If you want to have a different look in 2018, your hairstyle or hair color must be different. It is actually quite easy to have a different and stylish look in 2018. One of the trend hair treatments of 2018 is double colored hair. However, there is a harmony between these two colors. The colors that are harmonious and distinctive are the combination of yellow and purple. Live and pastel colors are now being used more often in the hair. And one of those colors is mordur. It is in perfect harmony with the purple blond tones preferred by young women.

Popular purple hair colors gallery

One of the most preferred and likable hair models in 2018 is knitted. The braids are a hairstyle that has won the likes of both women and men since many years. This hairstyle attracts attention with its casual structure as well as stylish. We will see many females again in 2018 in the knitwears available to women of all ages. Another positive aspect of knitting is that there are many different knitting patterns. At the same time, braids can also be used with other hair models. The braids you can use with almost all the hair models that might come into your mind look like all the face shapes.

Trends fish tails hairstyle gallery

In the world of hair in 2018, bulky hair will be used more and more. More voluminous hair attracts more attention and will bring more hair models and hair to the foreground. Especially open and wavy hair will be among the hair models most liked by men. In 2018, hair models with a crown, as different hair models, will be widespread.

One of the trend-haired models of 2018 is the pony-tail hair model. Pony tail hair model is a very functional hairstyle. You can use this hairstyle at home or outdoors as you wish at your workplace.

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